Cook's Assistant Quest

By: Ollie, additions by Rathofdoom

Start Point: Speak to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle
Items Required: 1 Egg, Pot of Flour & Bucket of Milk

Start the quest by talking to the Cook in the Lumbrige Castle. He is located on the first floor south of the dining room.

He tells you he needs you to gather some ingredients for him. He asks you to fetch him an egg, some flour, and milk.

On the way out, pick up the pot on the table if you don't already have one. Head to the cow pasture north-east of the castle across the river. To get there, travel south out of the castle and cross the bridge east of the castle. Follow this path and it will turn to the north. Keep travelling north on the bordering path and you will find a small farmhouse on the west side. In the chicken coop, there is an egg. Pick it up.

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Head south a bit and enter the cow pasture to the east. Find the Dairy Cow inside and use your bucket on it to milk it.

After you have your egg and milk, go south from the farmhouse and cross the bridge over the river. Follow the path north. It will turn west. Travel along this path and you will find a field of grain on the north side. Pick one grain. There is a path on the east side of the grain field. At the end of the path is a windmill. Go up to the top floor of the windmill and use your grain with the hopper. Pull the lever to operate it.

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Go down to the bottom of the windmill and use your bucket with the flour holster. You will fill your bucket with flower. Return to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle and talk to him. He will thank you. You have completed the quest.

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Reward: 1 Quest Point, 300 Cooking Experience