Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest

By: Mistiqueau

Start Point: Speak to Rantz east of Gu'Tanoth just north of the swamp pool
Requirements: Level 5 fletching, Level 30 cooking, and Level 30 ranging
Items Required: Axe(Woodcutting-type), Knife, Chisel, at least 100 Feathers, equipment to kill wolves (or bring wolf bones).

Head off to the Ogre city (On the map as Gu'Tanoth). When you arrive, talk to an ogre named Rantz. He will ask you to make some arrows for his large bow.

Ogre Arrow Shafts: South of Rantz are Achey trees. Cut these down and use your knife on them to get ogre arrow shafts.

Wolf bone Tips: Wolves can be found south-west of Rantz. Use your chisel on the bones to get the tips.

Use the feathers on the shafts then the tips on the headless arrows. When you are finished, speak to Rantz again. Rantz will tell you that you need fat toads to lure out the chompys. To get fat toads, head north into the cave entrance and speak to the boys. They will tell you that they use bellows on the toads to inflate them and that these bellows are in the locked chest. Unlock and search the chest then head to the swamp with the toads.

What a goofy kid.

When you try to inflate the toads, it will tell you that the air is too thin. To fix this, use the bellows on the swamp bubbles. You will notice the bellows will now be called “ogre bellows (3)” meaning you will have 3 shots with this. Use the ogre bellows on the toad and you can now catch it. Inflate at least 3.

Take the inflated toads back to Rantz and he will tell you to place the toads. Go down and place a toad in the clearing. When the bird comes, Rantz will take a shot but will miss. Talk to Rantz and we will complain about your arrows. Ask to have a go at shooting and he will give you the bow.

Place another toad and range the bird, it is a fairly easy kill. Once dead, pluck the bird and take it back to Rantz. He will ask you to cook the chompy bird. He will ask for an extra ingredient and the two boys will also ask for an extra ingredient. The ingredients change for each person but here's a list with locations of the ingredients:
Onion: Travel west of the swamp and you’ll find a fire and some ogres, an onion can be found around here.
Doogle leaf: Travel west of the swamp to find doogle leaves
Cabbage: Travel north. The cabbage can be found near a bear. Can also be found near the equa leaves.
Equa Leaf: You can get this south-east of Rantz, around the clearing where you placed the bloated toads
Potato: Can be found south-east of Rantz.
Tomato: Can be found south of the wolves.

When you have all the ingredients, use the bird on the spit roast then give Rantz the cooked bird.

Congratulations!! Quest Complete!

Reward: Ranged exp (around 700), cooking exp (around 1500) and fletching exp (300), Ogre bow, ability to fletch ogre arrows, ability to cook Chompy bird and 2 quest points.

Note that you can now hunt Chompy birds in the Feldip Hills general region, as a minigame. The more birds you kill, the higher award you can qualify for from Rantz, and the better free hat. You hunt chompy birds the same way you did in the quest.

To rack up chompy kills quickly, lay multiple bloated frogs around the swamp pond vicinity, and pick off the chompies as fast as you can.