Catapult Construction Quest

By: Bethyy

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Start Point: Talk to the Tyras Guard at the catapult, north of the Tyras Camp
Skill Requirements: Level 44 Construction, Level 42 Fletching; Level 54 Smithing recommended (but not required)
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Regicide Quest
Items Needed: 10 Mahogany Planks, 90 Mithril Nails, Saw, Hammer, Knife; Camelot Teleports, anti-poison, and food recommended

To start this quest, speak with the Tyras Guard at the catapult north of the Tyras Camp in the elven forest from the Regicide Quest. The easiest way to get to the guard is to teleport to Camelot, walk to Catherby and take a Charter ride to the Tyras Port. When there go east and then north into the camp. Enter the dense forest and you will be in a clearing with a Tyras Guard (Level 110, but he will not attack you), a catapult and a Catapult Guard (he will be called a Tyras Guard, but you won’t have the option to attack him.) Speak to the guard.

He will tell you that he forgot to treat the catapult wood, and how it's rotting away, and because of this he will lose his job. Ask him what he will do if he loses his job. He will rant on about his life and how the job he has suits him. Wish him luck in his next career. The guard asks if you can do anything to help, he says if you can repair the catapult the General will be off his back. Agree to speak to the General and head back south through the dense forest and into the Tyras camp. Speak with General Hining; he is located outside in the middle of the camp. He will tell you he has no time, as has many problems.

Choose the option “So, the Tyras camp catapult is broken?”, and then "Perhaps I can help to repair it?”. The general will seem doubtful and state that you need to be good at construction and fletching, he will then explain about the engineer he hired lacking in the brains department. Tell him you believe you could be of service to him and he allows you to assist in repairing the catapult. You will be given a letter for the engineer, and then you are sent back to him. Go back north into the clearing with the catapult. The Engineer is directly north of the catapult, only it’s a little harder to actually get to him. Follow the map below to arrive at the engineer.

Isfadar Map

Speak to the engineer; you will give him the letter. Tell him that General Hining sent you. Tell him you are an experienced carpenter, though he will seem doubtful. After a few words on your behalf the engineer will come around and allow you to work with him. The engineer will give you a copy of the Catapult Schematics. Before you read the Catapult Schematics talk to the engineer again and ask to read the letter, which will tell you the exact items you will need: Mahogany Planks, Mithril Nails, and Metal Parts.

Talk to the engineer again and use every option to avoid going back through the forest. When you have finished speaking with the engineer you will need to head to Ice Mountain (where the Dwarven Mines are located). Teleport to either Edgeville or Falador and walk up to the Ice Mountain and speak with Rolad. Rolad is found outside the entrance to the Dwarven Mines (where you can buy a cannon), in the east building.

Rolad will say that he sent a dwarf to Port Sarim with the parts. You decide you will go have a look for him. Make your way to Port Sarim. When you get there head into the pub. You will find Thaki the Delivery Dwarf sitting at the table in the pub. Speak to him. He won’t give you the parts because you aren’t a sailor. Tell him you are a sailor, but he won’t believe you because you haven’t got the right hat.

Go outside the pub and search the drunken sailor who is passed out up against the wall. You will find a sailors hat in his pocket and take it. Wear the hat and speak to the dwarf again. After a bit of pathetic sailor talk, you will be given the metal parts.

You can now make the parts. Read the Catapult Schematics and select the ‘Make the Repair Parts’ option. Teleport to Camelot and run down to Catherby, then get another charter ride to the Tyras Port. Run back to where the catapult is and speak with the guard. An interface will open up; this is what you use to repair the catapult. Follow the pictures below.

Speak to the guard once again and he will tell you that you need to test the catapult. Tell him you are ready. Another interface will open. You need to hit the three rocks with the catapult.

When you are finished, speak with the guard to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 15,000 Construction XP, 5,000 Fletching XP, 30 Teak Planks, Adamant Halberd, and the automatic prevention of friendly fire when using the catapult in Castle Wars