Cabin Fever

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Start Point: Speak to Bill Teach, behind the bar in the Port Phasmatys Pub
Skill Requirements: Level 45 Crafting, Level 42 Agility, Level 50 Smithing, Level 40 Ranged
Quest Requiments: Rum Deal
Items Needed: Nothing

To begin this quest, speak with Bill Teach who is grumbling behind the bar in the Port Phasmatys Pub.

Speak to him and he will inform you that he is in need of some help and a person to sail with him. He complains a bit about his dilemma but soon apologizes. He presents you with the offer of becoming a pirate. Accept his offer and he will ramble on about you have to be “agile as a cat on a hot tin roof”, “a smith and a craftsman of great renown”, “a keen archer that can hit an albatross at one hundred paces.” Then you will go off and inform him of your great deeds of piracy and he will accept you.

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He informs you that he is the Captain of the ship Adventurous and he is doing some legitimate trading before heading back to Mos Le’Harmless, a pirate stronghold located off the southern coast of Morytania. After he discusses his background he informs you that he got into a verbal argument with another captain who vowed to sink his ship and kill all of the crew so the crew deserted him. He then asks you to join him on his journey to help protect the ship.

The ship is located on the eastern docks of Port Phasmatys. Board the ship when you are ready and speak to Captain Teach. He is excited that you showed up and asks you to help him take down the pirates attacking the ship. A small cut scene will take over after you are ready shove off where the enemy ship fires at the Adventurous.

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As soon as you board, you will have to start sabotaging the opposing ship. The captain tells you to take out their gun powder keg. To do this, take two ropes from the Repair Locker along with a fuse from the Gun Locker. Don't forget to get the tinderbox to the south of the bottom deck of the ship.

Head up the Ship’s Ladder to the deck and climb up the climbing net on the southern end of the ship. Once climbed, use the rope on the hoisted sail and swing across. You may fall into the water, but it does not damage. Level-57 Pirates will attack you but do not pose much threat. Once on the other ship use your fuse on the powder keg and light the fuse with your tinderbox.

After the keg explodes -

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- head to the northern side of the ship and climb up the net, use another rope on the hoisted mast, and swing back across to Captain Teach’s ship. Speak to him again and he will ask you to repair the leaks in the ship. Head down the Ship’s Ladder and take thirty tacks, a hammer, three swamp paste, and three couples of repair planks.

Use the planks on the leaks and use the swamp paste on the patched holes. Head back up the Ship’s Ladder and speak with the captain, who will inform you that your next task is to plunder the booty on the other ship. He tells you that you need to head down into their lower decks and search their chests to take their plunder. Grab two ropes from the Repair Locker and swing across the ship and head down into the lower deck. Head north and plunder the chest, as well as the barrel and crate nearby.

Once you have done it once, you will receive three sacks of gold, along with two sacks from the crate and one from the barrel. Head back across the ship, down into your lower decks and head south, and store the gold. Grab two more ropes to swing over again. Do these processes until you have the amount you need. The chest takes a little while to respawn, so do not bother waiting for the plunder to return quickly. Once you have stored all ten sacks of gold, return to the captain for one of his pleasant pirate chats.

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He'll take any extra plunder you looted for himself. He instructs you to repair the ships cannon and blast the other pirates. You need to remove the old cannon barrel and replace it with a new one attainable in the Gun Locker below deck. Repair the broken cannon and speak to the captain once you are finished. He'll give you instructions, which are simple enough. Take powder from the powder keg and use it on the repaired cannon, and then take a ramrod from the Gun Locker to tamp the charge down into the barrel of the cannon, and then use a Canister round from the Gun Locker on the cannon. Finally use a fuse on the cannon and light the fuse using your tinderbox to fire the cannon.

After firing the shot, you need to use the ramrod again on the cannon to clear the barrel out to prepare it for the next shot. When you've blasted a few pirates to smithereens, head back to the captain and speak to him. He will tell you that you need to fill the hull of their ship full of holes. This time, all you need to do is repeat the steps as before but instead of a Canister Round, use a Cannon Ball. Take what you need from the supply crates and continue to fire the cannon at the opposing ship. Remember the order of items to use on the cannon - ramrod first, then gunpowder, then ramrod again, then the cannonball, and finally the fuse. After that you are free to fire the cannon at will.

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Once you have hit the ship three times, you will be taken to the Mos Le’Harmless Island where a cut scene between the captain and Miss La’ Fiette occurs. You will be given a Book o’ Piracy from the Captain telling you how to be a “true” pirate.

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Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, The Little Book o' Piracy (required to do business on the island), 7000 Smithing, Crafting, & Agility EXP; access to Mos Le'Harmless; 10,000 coins (speak to Bill Teach after completing the quest to recieve the plunder)

Pirate Cutlasses: Speak (not trade) to Smith, the Scimitar Smith on the southern island docks about cutlasses and you can buy each of the three weapons for a total cost of 29,200 coins

Patchy: A pirate near the bank, Patchy will sew eyepatches to bandanas and pirate hats for a small price (as well as they remove them)