Biohazard Quest

By: EliteBadger and FireballX301

Start Point: Speak to Elena in East Ardougne
Item Requirements: 10 Coins
Quest Requirements: Completed the Plague City Quest

To begin this quest, speak with the person you rescued, Elena, in East Ardougne. She's across the road from Edmond's place.

She tells you that the Mourners stole her distillator when she was arrested in West Ardougne. The tunnel that you used to get into West Ardougne earlier was filled in also. Accept the quest, and head to the contact she mentioned, Jerico, near the local chapel. Note that attempting to dig in the tunnel entrance won't work.

Jerico is located just behind the Ardougne northwest bank. He tells you that he's sent a guy named Omart to help you across the wall. He's near the south end of the Wall, so go talk to him.

Go back to west Ardougne and find Omart, he is south-west of King Lathas' castle. When you talk to him, he will tell you that you need something to distract to the guards. Now go back to Jerico and talk to him.

Grab some pigeon cages and some birdseed from his cupboard. Go to the Mourner's tower, and use the birdseed on the watchtower. Release a bird, then go talk to Omart to hop over the wall.

From here, get to the Mourner's headquarters in the northeast corner of West Ardougne. There should be a rotten apple lying around near there. Jump over the fence just east of where the apple spawned. Use, not eat, the apple with the cauldron and talk to the mourner. Attempting to go inside now will result in a Mourner saying that they're awaiting a doctor.

Go south-west of the house to where Nurse Sarah is. Once you're there, search the cupboard for a gown. Wear the gown, and go back to the mourner.

Head back to the mourners and enter. Go upstairs. Talking to either mourner will result in being attacked, after you go through the conversation. You get a key off of the corpse. Use the key on the gate, and then search the crates for the distillator.

Head back to Elena's. After speaking to her, she'll give you some vials and tell you to speak with the Chemist in Rimmington, and Guidor, in Varrock.

Don't teleport, or else you'll fry the Plague sample. Fighting with people breaks vials. If you lose anything, you can head back to Elena to replace them. Note that you can bank them. Head to Rimmington to talk to the Chemist. When talking to him, don't mention that you have a plague sample.

Now you need to give the liquids to the 3 men outside.

You MUST give the specific liquid to the correct person:

Give the Painter (DeVinci) the colorless liquid (Ethanea).
Give the Gambler (Chancy) the worthless liquid (Honey).
Give the Drunk (Hops) the poison (Sulphuric Broline).

Now head to Varrock, and remember you can't teleport!

Head to the Dancing Donkey Inn in Varrock. It's an add-on to Varrock, on the southeast side. When you're in, talk to Guidor's wife, also in that small area. She only lets the religious see him. Buy some priest robes (the black ones) at the Varrock clothes shop. Get your potions from the 3 couriers now (not before), and then go talk to the Wife. She'll let you into the back.

Speak with Guidor, and tell him that you were sent by Elena. After he reveals there is no plague, head back to Elena to tell her the news, then she will want you go to to King Lathas. Go to his castle and talk to him.

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The King reveals that the King of West Ardougne, Tyras, explored east, but was captured and corrupted by the 'Dark Lord'. He then rewards you with 1250 thieving experience and access to his training ground.

Rewards: 3 Quest Points, 1250 Thieving exp, Access to the King's training Camp North of Ardougne

The Training Camp: The Training Camp has Dummies which you can hit a few times for some experience, Ogres which you can train range, magic or melee(through halberd-only) on, and a shop where you can purchase ranged equipment.