What Lies Below Quest

By: Spiderchild, additions by Data/Loggy

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Start Point: Talk to Rat Burgiss, south of Varrock
Skill Requirements: 35 Runecrafting
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest
Items Required: 15 chaos runes, 5 coins or a bowl; Pickaxe & Chaos Tiara OR Chaos Talisman required if you choose not to go through the Chaos Maze or Abyss to get to the Chaos Altar

To begin speak to Rat Burgiss, south of Varrock. Simply follow the road out of the city until you run into him, standing near a cart.

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During your conversation you'll learn that Rat was on his way to Varrock when some outlaws attacked him and stole his notes, which he asks you get back for him. Accept the quest. He'll give you a folder to put them in. Now head to Edgeville. Walk over the bridge across the river, then walk south until you come to the outlaw camp.

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Kill the outlaws (they only have 20 hp) until you have 5 of rat's papers. Use all five of them on the folder that Rat gave you, then go to speak to him again. Rat will offer you another errand to run after you give him his letters back. He asks you to deliever a letter to Surok Magis who is in the Varrock Library.

Deliever the letter to Surok, who will let you in on his secret: he can make gold bars out of clay. He will send you on another errand so he can perform this magic. He asks you to get a normal bowl and infuse a metal wand with chaos. Go to the Varrock General Store and buy a bowl if you don't have one already.

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There are two methods to getting to the Chaos Altar & infusing the metal wand with chaos magic. You can use the abyss, or the secret route.

Abyss/Wilderness Route

Head back to Edgeville if you are going to take the Abyss. Otherwise, you can walk to the Chaos Temple and follow the maze to get to the altar. See the section on the Chaos Altar in the Runecrafting Guide for more info. If you do choose the abyss, make sure you have some armour and maybe some food, because even though you can't get PKed, the monsters in the abyss can be dangerous when they swarm.

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Either way, when you get to the altar, use your wand on it to infuse it with your chaos runes.

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Tunnel Route

Surok's diary tells of a tunnel leading to the Chaos Altar where the rest of his group stay; you'll need a Chaos Tiara/Talisman and a Bronze Picaxe for this route.

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Go to the saradomin statue to the north east of Varrock and excavate it to gain entry to the tunnel. You can talk to the other members of Suroks group here but it isn't needed. Continue to the portal at the far north of the room to get to the Chaos Altar. Use your wand on the chaos alter to infuse it with your 15 chaos runes. Take the wand and the bowl to Surok and he will send you back to Rat.

Rat will unveil that he is infact the commander of the palace secret guard and that Surok is planning to take over the king and Varrock with a mind control spell. He sends you to Zaff at his staff shop to counter his attempt. Head back to Varrock and talk to Zaff, who will tell you of his plan to stop Surok and will give you a beacon ring to summon him and a list of instructions.

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Equip yourself for a short battle with the level 47 King, who has a high HP but does little damage. Go to Surok at the library and confront him about the mind control. A battle will begin with you and King Roland.

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Defeat him and then immediately after his HP is at a full red bar activate your beacon ring and summon Zaff (you do not have to be wearing the ring). Zaff will pull some cool moves and restore Roland to normal and trap Surok in the Library. Go back to Rat to recieve your reward.

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Congratulations! Quest complete!

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 8,000 Runecrafting EXP, 2,000 Defense EXP, Beacon Ring, access to Chaos Altar shortcut

Beacon Ring: +2 Magic Attack, +1 Magic Defense