Cold War

By: Iamanarab and Teh Evil

Start Point: Talk to Larry in the Ardougne Zoo
Level Requirements: 10 Hunter, 30 Agility, 30 Crafting & 34 Construction
Item Requirements: 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, hammer, spade, 1 wood plank, 1 clockwork mechanism, 1 piece of silk, 1 Soft Leather, 1 Mahogany Plank, Cowbell (Collected During the Quest)

To start the quest, talk to Larry in Ardougne Zoo.

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He tells you about penguins, and asks if you want to do the quest with him. Accept and he will tell you to get 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, a hammer, and a spade, and to meet him at the entrance of Keldagrim. You can get to the docks by either Running from Camelot. or using the Fairy code AJR (or DKS) and running north until you see Larry on a dock

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Once you talk to him at the entrance of Keldagrim, you will travel off to an iceberg. You will be told to make a bird hide. To make a bird hide, use your planks on the firm snow patch, and then use your spade on the newly constructed bird hide.

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Talk to Larry again. He will tell you to start observing. A cut scene will follow.

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After the cutscene, talk to Larry again, and tell him "It did seem rather suspicious." He will tell you that you need to get closer to the penguins. Leave the iceberg with Larry, and he tells you that he has made a clockwork penguin suit to use to infiltrate their ranks, and he will use a spell to shrink you down so you can fit inside the suit. He gives you a book to read about making clockwork mechanisms. The book says using a piece of silk which would allow you to control it from the inside.

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If you dont already have a clockwork mechanism. Go to your house with a steel bar and make one using your Clockmaker's Bench. Then use your Clockmaker's bench again, Select Clockwork toy, then Clockwork Penguin. If you have a plank of wood and a piece of silk in your inventory, you will make the suit.

Head back to Larry who is at his boat outside the Relleka Entrance. Speak to him and tell him you have the penguin suit. Agree to go back to the iceberg and speak to Larry again once you're there. You'll see that the bird hide is destroyed. Tell Larry you don't think it was the Penguins who did it. You decide to observe the penguins at the zoo instead and Larry offers to teleport you both to the Zoo.

Talk to him again and you'll eventually be shrunk down and put into the Penguin suit.

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Go inside the enclosure, and talk to the Penguin. He doesn't believe that you're a penguin so you'll have to do a penguin emote for him to believe you are one. You'll have to do three emotes correctly. The emotes appear to be random for everyone. Mine were Wave, Preen, and Bow. Some others are Clap, and Shiver.

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After you complete these emotes, he accepts you're a real penguin, he asks you how you were getting on about figuring how to fly. He tells you to head to Lumbridge to speak to the operatives there. Talk to Larry and he says he'll meet you there and transform you back into a penguin.

Head to the Lumbridge sheep pen, and transform into a penguin. There will be a sheep with a right click 'Talk to" option. Talk to him and you'll have to repeat your Penguin emotes again. He wont talk to you without a secret phrase, so head back to the penguins in the Ardougne Zoo, turn back into a penguin by talking to Larry and talk to them again.

He wont give you the secret phrase, so talk to Larry about bribing the penguins. He mentions that the Penguins like cod, or, that they can be persuaded by an object of power (Ring of Charos(a).

The best place to buy cod is the Catherby Fish Shop, so go there and buy a cod.

Return to the Ardounge penguins, and talk to the Head Penguin again. If you have a raw cod in your inventory, he offers to give you the code in exchange for the cod. Agree, and he reveals the code is "Do not trust the Walrus"

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Head back to the Lumbridge Sheep Pen, transform back into a penguin and talk to the Sheep again.

He says he wants you to investigate the farmer, so transform back into a human and talk to Fred the Farmer. Talk to him and choose the warn option. He doesn't believe a word you say, so head back to the penguin in the field. Tell him Fred is harmless, and he'll tell you where the Outpost is, and that the password is Cabbage,

Talk to Larry and you'll tell him all you know, accept his offer of teleporting back to the iceberg. Talk to Larry again and he turns you back into a penguin. Head west until you find an avalanche, and 'Use' it.

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Talk to the Agent outside the avalanche and do the greeting again. He'll ask for id, but you don't have any, so head slightly south, and speak to Noodle. He needs one swamp tar, and five feathers. Collect these items and give them to Noodle. He gives you the I.d and the Mission report

Go back and talk to the KGP Agent and he'll tell you the entrance is below the avalanche, and that you should head to the room to your left. Talk to the Agent and you'll give him the mission reports. He'll tell you you're all done, except you have to pass a physical, in the form of the penguin agility course. Go through the door on the western wall and head north to the exit.

You'll come to what looks like a cutshot, but in fact is not, click along the white path, and you'll fall into the water

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Pass the Crushers, and climb the stepping stones and jump onto them

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Once onto the ice again, follow the path north until you reach some icicles. On the ground, are lumps of ice, Click Tread softly and pass the icicles. Follow the path east and pass all the icicle obstacles in the same way.

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Cross over all the ice to the south. You'll see a cut shot of you falling down the ice track. Talk to the agility instructor, The go through the gate to the west, and head back to Larry by using the door to the south, then go back the same way you got in.

Transform back into a human and talk to Larry. He tells you to find the secret room inside the iceberg, so head back into the secret penguins lair. Head north and then go into the eastern room where there are two penguins called Ping and Pong. They tell you they need a cowbell and a set of Bongos. Head back to Larry and Transform. He says you'll need Mahogany for the Bongos, and stretch some soft leather over the Mahogany, and that you could steal a cowbell from a dairy cow.

Dairy Cows can be found in the Lumbridge cow paddock, and the Falador cow paddock. TO make the bongos, just use your soft leather with your mahogany plank. Head back to Larry, transform back into a penguin, and then go back to Ping and Pong with the instruments. Give them the instruments and you'll see a weird cut shot of them playing music.

The guard on the door controls come in and is distracted. so run out of the room, then north and operate the controls. You'll go through the door. Run to the east and go through the door

You'll be captured, and put into a room with level 51 ice lords . (These are absolutely easy to kill ) Kill one, and then you can use the escape door to the west of the cage.. Go to the east of the room, and use the chasm to escape. Run southeast until you find Larry again. Talk to him about what you saw in there. You'll see a short cut scene, then you're done!

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Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 2000 Crafting EXP, 5k Agility EXP, 1.5k Construction EXP, ability to build a penguin suit.