Tarn's Lair

By: Data/Loggy with help from Makoto, pictures by Spiderchild, map by Bluez

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Note: This is a hidden mini-quest; you do not get quest points for it - though you still get a reward!

Start Point: Head to Tarn's Lair in the Haunted Mine of Mortyania (southwest of Mort'ton); the entrance is on the first level down in the mine.
Requirements: Must have completed the Haunted Mine Quest, must be able to defeat at least level 110 NPC(s)
Recommendations: High level food & melee equipment, Thieving & Agility; 100 gold recommended to be able to deposit items into the bank; 40 Slayer recommended as it is needed to kill Terror Dogs; some means of teleportation recommended to leave the area at the end

Map of Tarn's Lair

To begin this mini-quest, head to the entrance of the lair, which is on the first level down in the Haunted Mine of Mortyania. Tarn Razorlor is a mysterious character that many don't know much about, and still less is known about his lair - so why not explore it to get the treasure inside?

Make sure you have high level food - at LEAST lobster, but that might not do for some lower levels - prayer potions will help, and equip yourself with the best melee gear you have. When you're ready, set out.

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Near the entrance of the lair, there is a bank service owned by the man Odovacar. One cannot take the time to wonder why such a person would set up such a shop in the bleak confines of a dungeon within a haunted mine, but who cares.

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If you want to use the bank, you'll need 100 gold. This bank works only one way - you can only give things to Odovacar for him to deposit into your bank account. 100 gold will allow you to deposit up to a full inventory of items. This can be useful if your inventory gets to full of loot.

The Lair of Tarn Razorlor is an extremely dangerous place if you don't know what you're doing or where you're going. What you are doing is playing Runescape and trying to get to the end of this lair to reap the reward, which also covers where you're going.

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Refering back to the map at the beginning of the guide, please note the letters that identify the various doors and passages.
The route that you need to follow is D-S-T-U.

That means, by following the map, you go through the passage labeled D, then to the passage labeled S, then through the T passage, and finally to U. We'll go over the rest when you get there.

Before you go gallabanding off into this dangerous dungeon, there are things you need to know. This lair is very dangerous, guarded by various monsters and traps.

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The various undead minions of Tarn Razorlor, who Tarn plans to use to take over the surrounding area (or so I'm told), can be quite a problem. There are a few lesser ones, like the Animated Spades, Possessed Picaxes, and Steel Armours that won't bother you too much; they're all around level 50, and don't pose much of a threat. More undead walk the halls of the lair, however - Zombies and Skeletons, ranging from level 40 to 100, infest the area and can be vary numerous and dangerous. Watch out for them, and avoid as much fighting as possible.

Towards the end of the lair, as your near your destination, you'll encounter Skeleton Mages, which are level 94. These undead wizards can be pretty dangerous, and there spells can do some damage. Try to avoid fighting them, especially if there are melee enemies in the area attacking you as well.

The lair is also home to Terror Dogs, which require level 40 Slayer to kill - but we'll talk about them later. For now, you'll need to know about the traps that make up the dungeon.

Floor Spikes

Floor spikes can be identified by strange markings in the floor from which very sharp spikes will cut you up from below.

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When you see these, a relatively good Thieving level will be able to disarm them.

Wall Spikes

Wall spikes aren't as easy to see, so wherever possible don't walk next to the wall.

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If you do see them, you can disarm them like floor spikes.

Pit Traps

Pit Traps are possibly the most dangerous trap, but are easy to see as they are marked by a cleft through the large square flagstones of the floor. You can walk around them, as long as you spot them!

Log Traps

While Log Traps aren't very common in the dungeon, they are very dangerous - they make small parts of the lair dangerous, and can make crossing pillars a very hard obstacle.

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To disarm this monstrosity, you'll need to find an unconveniantly placed button.

Pushing Wall Traps

This trap, as its obvious name states, is simply a part of a wall that has stone blocks that simply push out at regular intervals along ledges.

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To get past them, you'll need to run past them right after they go back in as quick as you can before they push back out.

Tarn Razorlor

When you have traversed the lair, defeated the enemies, and survived the traps, you will arrive outside the passage U (see the map).

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When you are ready, continue on. Inside the next chamber, you will meet Tarn Razorlor.

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He's really a nice fellow. You just don't know him well.

Who knows what Tarn Razorlor once was - human? But now he's pretty much some sort of generic Hulk. So, of course, you have to kill him.

Tarn Razorlor isn't a particularly difficult enemy to defeat. He looks big and bulky and may talk the talk (or rather roar) but he doesn't walk the walk. He does, however, have three different forms to defeat.

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The first form is only level 69, and the last form is around level 110 combat. They're still all pretty easy.

What makes the fight difficult, however, are Tarn's personal bodyguards - the Terror Dogs.

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These massive dog things will run out and assist Tarn Razorlor in his fight against you. You should try to ignore them and defeat Razorlor as soon as possible - worry about them later.

Immediately after killing Tarn Razorlor, you will receive 5000 Slayer experience. If you continue past this chamber to the next, you will find Tarn's Diary.

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Pick it up. There will be a cutscene of some nearby gates lifting, and the late Tarn Razorlor's Terror Dogs will be completely unleashed, filling his chamber. Tarn's Diary is completely empty. Now is the time for you to leave. You can either teleport out or go the way you came.

Reward: 5,000 Slayer experience, Tarn's Diary, and full access to Tarn's Lair

Tarn's Diary: When used with a Salve Amulet, the amulet receives a permanent charge that adds a 20% bonus against the undead when worn.

Tarn's Lair: Though Tarn Razorlor will not respawn, all of his minions will. This includes the Terror Dogs in his chamber, which can drop Granite Helmets.