The Hunt For Surok

By: Teh Evil

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Note: This is a hidden mini-quest; you do not get quest points for it - though you still get a reward!

Start Point: Speak to Surok by the Saradomin Statue east of Varrock
Requirements: Level 44 Slayer; must have completed the What Lies Below Quest
Recommendations: Good hitpoints and defence, good armor, anti dragon shield, sharks, prayer potions, super set, antipoisons, teleport out.

Head to the giant Saradomin Statue east of Varrock to find Surok Magis. Talk to him to see a cutscene where he makes you cry ( :( ), and runs into the statue like a little coward. Follow him inside and follow the path until you run into a nice fellow by the name of Dakh'thoulan Aegis. Go into the portal near him to be teleported to the Chaos Tunnels.

Use the following map to navigate through the tunnels. A blue dot indicats a portal; the yellow lines indicate the path of the portals; and the Red X's are points of interests.

DNA-Helix Style Map

The Red X to the east is where you start off. Follow the path until you reach the next Red X, where you should see a cutscene.

After the cutscene, keep following the path until you reach the next Red X, where you will encounter Surok again.

He will send two wolves at you, ignore them and carry on along the path. Keep going until you reach the last Red X, but before you use the last portal, drink a dose of any potions you have. This battle is tough.

This is your last encounter with Surok. You have him cornered, so he invites you to meet his friend Bork (lol), and then you fight! Put on protect from melee and start to kill him. Surok will mage you every once in a while for up to 30 damage.

When Bork gets down to about 2/3rds health, he will summon 3 level 70 Ork Legions.

Ignore them and continue to kill Bork. Keep fighting until he is dead, where you will see him fall to the ground in defeat, and you will see a nice little message as proof of your triumph.

After Bork has been slain, Surok gets scared and teleports the hell out of there. The ground starts shaking and you will start getting hit until you leave.

Before you leave, grab your reward and get out.

Reward: 5 Blue Charms, 7 Crimson Charms, 2 Blue Charms, 2-10K coins, one Sapphire, one Emerald, one Ruby, and 5000 Slayer experience; access to Bork

Bork: Once every day, you can return to where you fought Bork and fight him again, to yield Slayer experience (only 250 experience after the initial Bork fight), coins, gems, and charms.