Mysterious Ghost Mini-Quest

By: Seiferoth, additions by Geo1988

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Note: This is a hidden mini-quest; you do not get quest points for it - though you still get a reward!

Start Point: Speak to the Mysterious Ghost near Glarial's Tomb.
Requirements: Level 31 Prayer or Higher, Must be wearing Ghostspeak Amulet and Ring of Visibility
Ghostspeak Amulet: This is a reward from the Restless Ghost Quest, you can reobtain it from the Father in the Lumbridge Swamps.
Ring of Visibilty: Obtained during the Desert Treasure Quest, if you lost yours, you can obtain another from Rasool.

Speak to the Mysterious Ghost near Glarial's Tomb. He says his name is Valdez and speaks of serving under Saradomin and exploring strange new lands. He tells you he was cursed when entering a temple hidden below the ground of one of Saradomin's compatriots. He said he found the godstaff of Armadyl. A vile thief Rennard attacked him whilst he was on his way to Entrana and left him for dead and that he feels the staff is the reason he is cursed in this state.
After his story, he will ask you of a small favor, to find out what happened of Rennard. He'll give you a Ghostly Robetop as a payment ahead of time.

Rennard, the next Mysterious Ghost can be in various locations.
Including: The Bandit Camp in Level 27 Wilderness, the Desert Bandit Camp, and Level 54 Wilderness (near the Abandoned Pirate Ship and Agility Course).

Speak to him and ask him his story. He'll tell you about a jewelry heist. He'll say how he found Valdez walking by in fine cloths by something in dirty rags, suspciously Rennard hit him over the head with jewels and took the staff and went to a tavern, but realised it was a godly staff and knew of someone who'd want it - A powerful god lived in the North-east, took the Mahjarrat away from Icthlarin's control. He talked about hiring Kharrim a messenger to go to him but instead a General named Zamorak came and killed him. He gives you Ghostly Gloves as a jesture of luck.

Kharrim, the third Mysterious Ghost can be in various locations.
Including: The Graveyard in Level 19 Wilderness, Lava Maze in Level 45 Wilderness, and in the Evil Altar at Level 38 Wilderness

Speak to him and ask his story. He tells you he was hired by Kharrim when Kharrim was in a drunken stupor. He'll tell you Zamorak was a Mortal and would be interested in the weapon so he told Zamorak of it, and Zamorak went out and bought it. Afterwards Zamorak send a messsage to the rest of his Mahjarrat Followers. The message he sent back to Zamorak was from Lucien being sure about a spy from Saradomin among his followers named Lennissa. He tells you if this curse has been bestowed on him, it must've been bestowed on her too as she was at the heart of the mess.He'll give you his boots for your efforts.

Lennissa, the fourth Mysterious Ghost can be found in various locations.
Including: Port Sarim near the Lady Lumbridge Ship used to sail to Crandor in the Dragon Slayer Quest, the Gnomeball Pitch, and on Entrana.

Speak to her and ask her story. She'll tell you she was working as a spy for Saradomin in one of her Lord's enemies. She explains how nobody in her Lord's enemies camp really liked each other and plotted against each other often, This distrust allowed her to spy more easily by blaming it on an unsuspecting necromancer or a foolish Mahjarrat. She speaks of how the Evil Lord couldn't beat all the gods... until he obtained the Staff of Armadyl. She could not risk telling Saradomin herself so she told her friend Dhalak because Lucien was on to her and she couldn't do anything blatantly against the Evil Lord. She will give you her robebottom for your efforts.

Dhalak, the fifth Mysterious Ghost can be found in various locations.
Including: Upstairs of the Monestary near the Altar, Seers' Party Hall, Upstairs Pub, and the Wizards' Tower.

Speak to him and ask his story. He'll tell you he was Lennissa's immediate superior and was her contact for her missions. He said because he was higher up he could see the larger picture and knew that Lennissa's presence was detected amongst the enemy camp, but also a faction of the enemy camp was planning to overthrow their leader. The Mahjarrat didn't appreciate being taken from being slaves of Icthlarin to being slaves of this Evil Lord, Under Zamorak the Mahjarrat made plans to overthrow this Evil Lord. He decided it'd be best for internal issues to distract the Evil Camp, and though he knew Zamorak's attack had a chance at success, he did not believe Zamorak would be able to get to use it in battle because it being a god-weapon it's very presence would have sung out to their leader. He tells you that he casted a spell of Concealment on the Staff so that Zamorak may use it in battle. He said had he known what a threat Zamorak would be in the future he would've taken the message to Saradomin directly. Eventually he mentions Viggora, an evil brutal and vicious man with a deadly blade. He was one of the few humans Zamorak put in power because he imitated him. As Zamorak's righthand man Viggora should surely know what happened to the god-weapon. He'll give you his ghostly hood for your efforts.

Viggora, the sixth Mysterious Ghost can be found in various locations.
Including: On the second floor of the Slayer Tower in Morytania, Northwest of Canifis, In Edgeville (Paddewa) Wilderness, level 10, near the Earth Warriors, and the Rogue's Castle, level 53 Wilderness.

Speak to him and ask him his story. He'll tell you of the day that Zamorak first got a taste of his godhood. He tells you of how he was the only human to be chosen for Zamorak's Guard and that dragon riders, Mahjarrat, demons and vampire warriors made up most of the force but he was equal in all ways of combat. He'll tell you of a fool named Kharrim who stumbled into their tavern and had the god-staff of Armadyl, at first he thought it was a test of loyalty but soon discovered it was the real deal and it might aid them in their rebellion against their evil lord. Zamorak and his most trusted compatriots, namely himself, Hazeel, Drakan, Thammaron, and Zemouregal made plans to overthrow their lord using the god-weapon. He speaks that Lucien would've most likely aided them but Dhalak interferred unnecessarily and helped them get close enough to the Empty Lord's castle without him being able to sense it's presence. During the battle Zamorak unsheathed the staff and stuck it in the Empty Lord's back, The Empty Lord turned away from the battle, eyes burning with hatred, and towards Zamorak instead. Zamorak's warriors were outnumbered but tried to fight extra-vigorly to help Zamorak with the Empty Lord... It was Zamorak VS The Empty Lord, One on One. Zamorak, a Mahjarrat and all the strength that entails, but mortal nonetheless, but to see the fight you would not think of him as 'mere' at all. Zamorak was war itself, flurry of blows after blows to the Empty Lord even shook and quivered the castle walls with their power, but the Empty Lord would not fall. The Empty Lords hands wrapped tightly around Zamorak's throat, Lord Zamorak, Kicking and screaming defiantly and radiant in his anger until the very last, plunged towards the Empty Lord who seemed to lose his footing slightly and fell in such a way that the staff plunged deeper into his body, but also impaled Lord Zamorak with it at the same time. After that, Zamorak stood over the Empty Lordand the Empty Lord faded and thus Zamorak started to look more solid, more..real than he had before. As the Empty Lord faded from this world completely, Viggora heard his voice, almost a whisper upon the wind, cursing all who helped Zamorak in his victory, which as you now tell me seems to have been all who were responsible for the staff ending up in Zamorak's hands at the castle. The Gods then banished Zamorak for killing one of their own, but then Zamorak returned as a God himself... but those are another story.. At the end he reveals the empty lord was none other than... ZAROS! and gives you his cloak for your efforts.

Congratulations Hidden Mini-Quest Complete!

Reward: Ghostly Robes which look really cool and have magical bonuses and more knowledge about the history of RuneScape!

Statistics of Ghostly Robes:
Ghostly Hat: +3 To Magic Attack Bonus, +3 To Magic Defence Bonus
Ghostly Cloak: +5 To Magic Attack Bonus, +5 To Magic Defence Bonus
Ghostly Robe(top): +5 To Magic Attack Bonus, +5 To Magic Defence Bonus
Ghostly Robe(bottom): +4 To Magic Attack Bonus, +4 To Magic Defence Bonus
Ghostly Gloves: +2 To Magic Attack Bonus, +2 To Magic Defence Bonus
Ghostly Boots: +2 To Magic Attack Bonus, +2 To Magic Defence Bonus