Goblin Burial Mini-Quest

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Requirements: Must have completed the Land of Goblins Quest; must have completed enough of the A Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest to use Fairy Rings; must be able to defeat a level 75 Undead Goblin Priest without armour or weapons
Items Needed: Ring of Visibility (obtained by talking to Rasool from the Desert Treasure Quest; you can talk to him to get another if you lost it), Ghostspeak Amulet, Dramen Staff (to use the Fairy Rings)

To start this hidden mini-quest, you need to talk to the ghost of a Goblin Warrior located in the tomb of the last five Goblin High Priests, located in the underground temple of the Big High War God. Before you head there, you will need two things: a Ring of Visibility (obtained by talking to Rasool from the Desert Treasure Quest; you can talk to him to get another if you lost it) to see the ghost, and a Ghostspeak Amulet (see that urchin guy in Lumbridge Swamp for one) to talk to him.

Talk with this ghost for a bit. You'll eventually discover he is Hopespear, the goblin what predicted the coming of the Chosen Commander. He tells you that the Goblin Priests believed that they would be sent to Yu'biusk when they died, but this of course isn't true. Thus, he asks you to bury their bones there.

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When you ask how you can get the priests bones (you already fought them once and didn't get them), he tells you that if you fight them without any kind of weapons or armour, they will drop their bones. So, take off all of your equipment, and start summoning up undead priests. If you can't remember the names, just guess until you get them right.

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For most people, the first three or four priests are pretty easy. On the fourth or maybe even third you may want to use prayer (yes, you can use prayer), and if you need to, run and get some food. When you kill the zombie goblins, they'll drop their bones. Keep them in your inventory. You'll definitley need to have full health for the final undead priest, Strongbones.

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Strongbones, if you recall, summons up spirits to aid him in his fight. However, if you use the Protect from Magic prayer, he will cease summoning them. When you have all five bones, the next step is burying them in Yu'biusk. However, a talk with Oldak reveals that you cannot again use the machine - so just use a Fairy Ring. Make sure you have your Dramen Staff equipped, and enter the code (BLQ).

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You'll pop up in the barren wasteland that is Yu'Biusk. Bury the bones to get some hefty Prayer experience. The experience you get per bone will vary depending on your current Prayer level; regardless you should receive a generous amount.