The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl

By: Oli

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Note: This is a hidden mini-quest; you do not get quest points for it - though you still get a reward!

Start Point: Talk to one of the Barbarian Guards outside the Barbarian Outpost
Requirements: Must have started the Scorpion Catcher Quest

Need to train your agility in the Barbarian Outpost Course? Or are you just looking to get the Lighthouse key for the Horror From The Deep Quest?
No matter the circumstance you're looking for the Alfred Grimhand BarCrawl Mini-Quest!
This mini-quest is perfect for any of these options as well as for budding alcoholics!
Ready to drink until your stomach explodes? Then it's time to start the bar-crawl!

The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl

To start the bar crawl you'll need to head to the Barbarian Outpost located north of East Ardougne. You could also use a Games Room necklace if you have one.

Once you get to the Barbarian Outpost you want to talk with one of the Barbarian guards located outside.

Once you talk with him he will tell you about the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl. You'll have to go around and, to be quite frank, drink a bunch to gain entry to the outpost. He'll also give you your very own Bar Crawl card! Yay, let the drinking begin!

The Bars:

There are a total of 10 bars that you must go to and that means 10 drinks to drink!

The drinks come to a total of 208 gp!

The effects of the drinks differ from person to person, these are just the effects I took when I drank the drink.

Drink Name
Blue Moon Inn, Near the sword shop in South Varrock.
Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot
-9 Attack, -8 Defense, -8 Strength, And, -5 Smithing
50 gp
Jolly Boar Inn, Near the Lumber Yard, North of Varrock near the Wilderness.
Old Suspiciouse
-7 attack, -8 defence, -7 magic, -4 crafting, And, -6 mining
10 gp
Rising Sun Inn, Near the White Knight's Castle in the middle of Falador.
Hand Of Death Cocktail
-7 attack, -7 defence, -7 ranging, And, -8 fishing
70 gp
Rusty Anchor Inn, Near the Axe Shop in Port Sarim.
Black Skull Ale (Arr.)
-3 Attack
8 gp
Karamja Spirits Bar, Near the Banana Plantation on Karamja.
Ape Bite Liqueur
No Effects
7 gp
Dead Man's Chest, Near Agility Arena in Brimhaven.
Old Supergrog
-6 attack, -8 defence, -6 prayer -5 herblore, And, -7 cooking
15 gp
Dragon Inn, Near the Wizard's Guild in Yanille.
Fire Brandy
-10 Attack, -11 Defense
12 GP
Forrester's Arms, Near the Anvils in Seers Village.
Liverbane (Worst name ever.)
-6 attack, -5 defence, -6 fletching, -7 firemaking, And, -4 woodcutting
18 gp
Flying Horse Inn, Near the Castle and north of the zoo in East Ardougne
Heart Stopper (Sounds like a bloody Michael Jackson song.)
-15 HP (Big Damage now.)
8 gp
Blurberry's Bar, Near the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold. (Upstairs.)
Fire Toad Blast (Please tell me there wasn't frogs in it..)
-1 HP
10 gp

When you have sampled all the drinks and gone to each bar, congratulations, you've proved that you can down alcohol like a barbarian can! You will now have access to the Barbarian Outpost!

Please note: Runeweb is not responsible for any alcoholic tendencies after pursuing in the Alfred Grimham Bar Crawl. If you end up losing your wife, job and kids, it's not our fault.