Cabbage Picking

By: Lozl, additions by Data/Loggy

What Are We Looking For?

Requirements: None of any kind

Welcome to Lozl's Cabbage Picking Guide. Upon popular demand and request, I decided it was time to share one of my biggest secrets: the picking of cabbages.


You will need some high-tech equipment if you want to pick cabbages. This is what a typical inventory required to pick cabbages looks like:

Content Image

Please note the knife which is required at all times for:

- Slicing and/or dicing cabbage
- Super defense against monsters

If you think your inventory meets the one specified above, you may proceed.

Optional Equipment

You may also want to consider bringing some vegetable sacks. These useful sacks can be bought from any Farming Store as 'empty sacks' for 1 gp and can hold up to 10 cabbages!


Although the programming of the game allows the level requirements to be very flexible, you are still advised to have a combat level in the region of 3 or higher.

What Are We Looking For?

We will be looking for cabbages. They can be found in cabbagey area's with lots of ghosts 'n vampires, can heal up to 1 hp and look like the cabbage specified in the following picture.

Content Image

As you may have noticed, this picture is part of a live screenshot taken from RS2, utilizing the latest engine, making the game possible to have photorealistic graphics.

Be wary while cabbage picking!

There is chance of a random event in Runescape that can make your cabbage 'rotten' or 'dead' when you pick it. This is rare, but may happen when you are picking cabbage. If so, drop it, mourn accordingly, and continue.


Cabbages can be found all over the world, but you can only pick them up at specific places, the most popular of which are listed below.

- Cabbage Field north (across the street) from Port Sarim
- Cabbage Field north (just next to it) of the Monestery
- Small Cabbage Patch west (just next to it) of Draynor Manor
- Other cabbage fields


I know what you're wondering - how in the name of FSM am I going to pick these ghastly cabbages up?

Well wonder no more, for I bring the answer. Here are the steps.

1. Make Dirty Remarks.

By far the best introduction is to make dirty remarks at the cabbage or - if possible - its sister.

Content Image

2. Approach.

Approach the cabbage, self-explanatory. Try not to frighten it.

Content Image

3. Pick.

Using your mouse, drag your cursor over the prime cabbage and select the "pick" option.

Just pick up the cabbage, genius, and get this whole ordeal over with.

Repeat this step about 27 times, and you'll end up with an inventory like this:

Content Image

Unless, of course, you have vegetable sacks.

That's right, busta, definitely ready to go Runescaping with an inventory like this.

Be warned, you may, when picking a cabbage, find yourself with a cabbage seed instead of the desired cabbage. This may seem like a large let down, but don't fret. In fact, you can use said seed to grow more cabbage! If you are too lazy, simply chuck the seed out and continue cabbage picking.

Consumption (optional)

When all the hard labor is over, you can sit back and enjoy your lovely cabbages, which heal as previously mentioned up to 1 hp. You can consume cabbage by dragging your mouse's cursor over the cabbage in your inventory and selecting the "eat" option. Your character may state something about not liking cabbages, but that is simply because of your character not being cool enough to handle cabbages.

That is all.