Gnomeball Mini-Game

By: Oli, additions by Data/Loggy

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The History Of Gnomeball
How to Play
Special Techniques

Note: This is a 'dangerous' Mini-Game. If you somehow manage to die, you will lose your items.

Location: Northwest area of the Gnome Stronghold

Requirements: None

Gnomeball is a fun little mini-game located in the north-western part of Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is played by gnomes and is somewhat like the American game of football. It's a fast-paced mini-game that involves skill as well as luck!

The History Of Gnomeball

By talking to the "Coach" walking outside of the arena you can find out about the history of Gnomeball. He says that Gnomeball was created by two gnome brothers who always argued with each other about silly things. They created a game of throwing stones at toads and that simple game evolved into the game we
now know as GNOMEBALL!

The ball used in Gnomeball is created by none other than... THE TOADS! Yes, Gnomeballs are created by putting sand inside the skin of a toad. Intriguing? Yes. Disgusting? Even more so!

Ever notice all gnomes have short hair? Probably because of the fact that the nets used in gnomeball are made from gnome hair. The coach refers to gnome hair as "the finest of threads in Runescape."


The game is pretty simple. You simply get the Gnomeball from the referee, charge at the opposing team (Or just pass it to your Gnome Winger hoping he'll set you up), and shoot for the net! The opposing team will "tackle" you and can damage you a little. You want to avoid getting tackled at all costs. The game is won by scoring 5 goals.

If you do end up getting tackled the gnome will steal the ball from you and you will have to find him and tackle him back to retrieve it.

How To Play

The game is started by talking to the referee and he will throw up a Gnomeball that you catch.

You now have three options you can take:

Run and attempt to dodge the opposition by yourself.

I would not recommend this option unless you have high agility. The higher the agility the easier it gets to dodge the opposing team.

Pass to a gnome winger and run up to receive a pass back and then dodge.

This is my personal favorite option, as it works almost all the time for me. It works by allowing you to pass and transfer the attention of the opponents to your team-mate. You can then run up easy and get a clear shot after you receive the pass back!

Pass to a winger, receive the pass back, and then pass again each time getting closer for the shot.

Again, I would not recommend this option as it takes forever to get up the field using it.

Once you are within shooting range you can click on the goal and shoot! You can either just miss the goal entirely or you can score. The higher your ranged, the less often you will miss.

Special Techniques

The One-Two Method

This method involves a quick pass to your team-mate transferring the attention of the opposing team all to him, allowing you to advance forward quickly. Your team-mate then quickly passes back to you now that you've ran ahead fast allowing you to have an easy shot to the goal!

Blocking The Opposition

While your team-mate has control of the ball don't forget that you can easily block the other teams players allowing your team-mate more time to make moves.


Though they aren't that good, you can receive EXP rewards for range and agility from Gnomeball, as well as your very own Gnomeball which can be taken outside the arena.

First Goal
4 exp for both agility and ranged
Second Goal
5 exp for both agility and ranged
Third Goal
6 exp for both agility and ranged
Fourth Goal
7 exp for both agility and ranged
Fifth Goal
5 exp for both agility and ranged; bonus of 25 exp for winning the game; Gnomeball

Player Colors

As you'll notice, the Gnome athlets are garbed in various colors. These have meaning!

Red: This means that the players are professionals, playing almost since they were born. Get ready for a challenge!

Orange: This color means that the players are in the middle of their careers. Still not at the point of Pros, but still a lot better than you!

Yellow: This color means that these players are beginners, just like you!

Have fun Gnomeballing!