Prayer Guild

By: Mysticallity

The Prayer Guild
Location: West of Edgeville

Entry Requirement
Skill Requirements: 31 Prayer
Equipment Wielding Requirements: None
Quest Requirements: None

The Prayer Guild is located at the upper levels of the Monastery, which is located west of Edgeville.

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As mentioned above, you will need to have a base Prayer Level of 31 to enter. The Prayer Guild is rather small as far as other guilds goes, but it has a couple of useful features.

First off, Monk Robes respawn in the little room to the east. They provide decent prayer bonuses.

Prayer Bonus
Monk Robe Top
Monk Robe Bottom

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Brother Jered also exists in the west room. If you have a Holy Symbol, you can ask Brother Jered to bless it for you.

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The altar is the central feature of the guild. It gives 2 extra prayer when you recharge (e.g. 42/40 prayer) and does not drop back to your base level until you use your prayers.

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That pretty much wraps it up for the Prayer Guild. For additional Prayer information, see the Prayer Guide.