Cooking Guild

By: Data/Loggy

The Cooking Guild
Location: North of Juliet's House, outside of west Varrock

Entry Requirements
Skill Requirements: 32 Cooking
Equipment Wielding Requirements: Chef's Hat or a Cooking Cape/(t)
Quest Requirements: None

The Cooking Guild, located behind Juliet's House outside of West Varrock, is an excellent area to train your Cooking level up, because it offers many resources to work with, such as pies, cakes, soups, breads, and countless other foods.

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At 32 Cooking you can enter the illustrious guild, provided you are wearing a Chef's Hat or a Cooking Cape, regardless of whether it's trimmed. You can then take advantage of all the item spawns and cooking devices in the building.


All of the Cooking Guilds features are listed below.

Main Floor

The Main Floor (the floor you enter on) contains four things. First off, there's a sink, for all your water needs (provided you have something to hold it, like a jug, which can be obtained on the third floor). There is also a chocolate bar spawn, as well as the flour bin for the windmill that is in the Cooking Guild. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly) is the Pie Shop, run by Romily Weaklax, who has all sorts of pies on sale, as well as a Pie Recipe Book.

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Second Floor

The Second Floor is quite useful. There are five item spawns - two cooking apples (for Apple Pie), a cake tin, a pie dish, and a bowl. There is also a Dairy Churn, as well as two cooking ranges.

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Third Floor

The third and final floor of the Cooking Guild contains four item spawns - another cooking apple, a jug, a pot, and grapes (for wine). In addition, you can access and operate the hopper controls for the windmill.

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The windmill located in the guild allows you to grind your grain into flour. The closest grain field is located southeast of the Champion's Guild (south of the Cooking Guild). To grind your grain, simply insert grain into the hoppers located on the third floor, and configure the hoppers. Go down to the first floor and collect your freshly ground flour with a pot (also obtained on the third floor).

For more cooking info, see the Cooking Guide.